Wholesale payment systems were designed in the era of punch cards and mainframes.

We all pay a premium for this legacy.

But we don't need to.

Cash vs Credit Card

Cash is amazing. It costs basically nothing to give someone cash. If I see the cash in your hand, I know you can pay for something. Once you've been given cash you can spend it immediately. It's impossible for someone overseas to take your cash.

Credit cards cost money to use. Credit card transactions take a while to settle, for both consumers and merchants. People overseas can use your credit card to steal your money.

Before the internet was mature, before everyone had a computer in their pocket, credit cards were amazing. Now they're a security risk. Now they're expensive. Now they're too slow.

Yura is an electronic payment platform that rejects the historical foundations of current electronic payments. It is cash for our interconnected world. Yura is more secure, faster and cheaper.
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The Team

Cliff Senkbeil

Cliff is a consultant specialising in financial modelling, data visualisation, web technologies and software. He has a BSci. with Honours from the University of Tasmania.

Financial Technology is evolving fast. It's now possible design a modern, real-time, data rich payments system from first principles.


Ben Whale

Ben has previously worked for Deloitte as a management consultant, in mobile development for Wolfram Research and as an academic. He has PhD in theoretical physics from the Australian National University.

The internet produces social change by bringing to all people what was once the domain of an elite few. He dreams of a world where all forms of finance can be accessed by everyone.